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My first visit to Beyond Physical Therapy was November 30, 2011. I was evaluated and treated in seperate visits with each of the physical therapists who created a customized overall treatment plan for me, including stretching exercises to perform at home.


Physical Therapy is not a feel-good massage, even though I wish it were. Many times, it was not only unpleasant but actually very pain as the therapists worked to modify, even if they could not rectify, my multiple issues. Sometimes I had to force myself to come to an appointment, but it has paid off.


Since my treatments began, I have a better quality of life than I have had in over a year and I now have less pain, my posture is improved, and I have a more positive attitude. I am not as angry, nor am I as easily provoked, as I have been. I am not obsessing over minutia, my handwriting has improved, and I am making fewer mistakes. I no longer sleep sitting rather than lying in bed, and the length of my sleep has increased from an average of 3-4 hours per night to 6-8 hours some nights, each week. The range of motion for my head has increased so that I can look over my shoulder (left/right)- essential when driving. I have felt well enough to clean house, to spend time on the computer (1 hour at a time) to resolve lingering work-related "unfinished business" and to babysit my three-year-old grandson, on occasion.


The therapists at Beyond Physical Therapy and I are now focused on muscular tension and discomfor in my back, left hip and thigh, and both ankles and feet. My expectation is to continue therapy sessions at least once a week, so that I can gain ongoing improvements.


Cathy L., age 62, female

I had been recently diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis when I heard of Beyond Physical Therapy, in June 2011. My rhuematologist was trying several medications, none of which had success and harrowing side effects. I was in constant pain ALL over my body. It hurt to move my arms and legs. My neck and back hurt all constantly.


I remember my range of motion in my first couple of visits was 30%. I had to push myself through many visits and it was really hard for a long time. Two years and many appointments later, JP has been a God-send! My therapy appointments have been the only thing that has helped since I was diagnosed with RA. There have been lots of ups and downs but overall I am moving much better and feel better since starting PT. My range of motion is now 70%-80% and my daily stretches have made a tremendous difference. The patient education you receive is priceless. My continous goal is to keep moving and stretching. I will beat these symptoms and it can only get better with JP's help.  Beyond Physical Therapy has changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful!


Gordana U., Age 32, female

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