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Beyond Physical Therapy, LLC 

Beyond Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of chronic (long standing) and acute (recent onset) pain related to many different diagnoses.  Although chronic pain is a specific area of focus for us, we also provide orthopedic post-operative or post-injury therapy as well as the other standard physical therapy care.  Our goal is to provide our patients with the optimal pain relief to enable the patient to return to the functional activities they need and desire to do, regardless of the diagnosis or length of illness or injury. 


In order to reach our goals we begin with a comprehensive whole body evaluation of the musculoskeletal system including range of motion, strength and postural alignment.  We assess the patient’s medical and surgical history, current medications and their functional abilities and limitations.  Based on their weaknesses, postural and range of motion restrictions and functional losses we develop an individualized treatment plan.  This plan typically includes components of:  education of proper body mechanics for sitting, standing and functional activity; therapeutic exercise to optimize treatment as well as function; instruction in a home exercise program to improve weaknesses and loss of motion; modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation iontophoresis and ice; and manual therapy (hands on treatment) including Myofascial release and joint mobilization.   

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