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Beyond Physical Therapy is not your typical physical therapy/ gym atmosphere. Each patient is seen in an individual treatment room, one-on-one with the physical therapist for an average of 45 minutes. We find this to be the best way to address the unique needs of each patient that comes through our doors.


Although, our practice is known for our emphasis in hands-on techniques such as myofascial release, we incorporate many aspects of care that enable our patients to achieve their goals.


We want our patients to reach beyond resolving the "it hurts when I do this" problem and find the ROOT cause of why doing this hurts in the first place. We believe this allows the patient to not only resolve the current complaint, but enables them to return the things they love, with a much lower chance of the current problem returning or a new one developing. 


  Our services at a glance

  • Evaluation
  • Myofasical Release
  • Dry Needling
  • Functional Retraining
  • Modalities


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Just give us a call at  205 824-0610 205 824-0610 or send us an email.


In order to perform the most efficient evauation- it would be helpful to wear (or bring with you) clothes that allow you to move easily such as loose fitting shorts, stretchy pants, tank top or t-shirt. 



Myofasical Release

Myofascial release is a highly effective hands-on treatment for multiple types of pain caused from issues such as post-surgical scaring, repeated postural stresses, traumatic injury, medical conditions that decrease motion and many other diagnoses. 



Dry Needling

Dry needling uses a small accupuncture need aimed at specific muscles, tendons, bones, and/or near nerves to improve cellular activity and blood flow, resolve imflammatory processes, promote healing, and decrease pain perception. 



Functional Retraining

This method involves exercises that actually integrate how a body moves to accomplish tasks you do every day. This retrains your brain to cue your body to move the way it was originally designed and builds strength which enables you to return to your previous activities. 




Modalities are different types of equipment used in addition to the hands-on treatment and exercise programs that are utilized in our treatment plans. These may include: hot pads, ice packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and iontophoresis. 


*We also have the ability to assist you in obtaining tens-units and home-traction units- should they be necessary for your care. 



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