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Patient Testimonials

Beyond Physical Therapy is a game changer and a life changer! I have been in pain for years, and I am so very thankful and so grateful, to JP and Pam for their expertise, their diligence, and their sincere concern for me and my health. Thanks to the treatment they gave me, I am feeling so much better and am actually enjoying life again. I highly recommend Beyond Physical Therapy!


Debra R.


Beyond PT is the most excellent, caring, professional, and modern physical therapy I have had in the last 26 years, when I had my first back surgery. I have had multiple therapies including water, manual, traction, and other modalities, by several differnt therapists, some of whom actually made my pain worse. 


JP is- as my referring doc said- a miracle worker. He not only has addressed my pain, he has prescribed stabilization exercises to get me functional again and stronger at the age of 67. He is so kind and interested in my life as well as so caring, concerning my nexk and lower back pain. I feel so much better- emotionally and physically- thanks to him. 


May God richly bless JP and all the fine people, including Kathryn and Mae (receptionists plus so much more)! I am so thankful to be one of their patients. 


Rosalyn W.

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